Everyone Has a Story: Isabella Cretel

October 16, 2019

Freshman Isabella (Bella) Cretel is a family person. She cares for so many people and loves to see them happy. Cretel wants to start a family by the age of 30. She wants her kids to not only be happy but to have their mom, Cretel, as someone they can always go to.

“It’s nice to have people – your people – that you can just go to,” Cretel said.

Cretel is looking forward to studying speech therapy as a career. Her younger cousin had suffered from a fluency disorder and she had always enjoyed seeing him grow with his speech. When he was able to say his first full, clear sentence it was a huge event for her and her family.

“It was a tear-jerk moment. We really proud of him, in awe at him even,” Cretel said.

With a job that involves helping other people, there comes great leadership and commitment. Cretel is known for her leader-like traits and for always giving a helping hand.

“There are certain times when I just want to follow. Leading all the time can get tiring,” Cretel said.

Speech therapists can basically create their own business meaning what hours they work, who they work with, and what days they work. Confidence is something a person needs in a job like this. Leadership and confidence work well together for success.

“If you aren’t leading yourself then you might be following the wrong people. You need to seem confident in what you’re doing and who you are,” Cretel said.

But with excitement and anticipation, there can be doubts in people. Whether a patient might not be able to afford the appointments anymore or there is another issue. It frightens Cretel what might happen.

“There will always be a case where I will not be helpful,” Cretel said.

Alysse Trusty, Cretel’s orchestra conductor, also believes leadership is what makes a great future.

“Not only is leadership essential, but good leadership. What does this look like? A good leader is willing to listen, is willing to compromise, and is willing to sacrifice. A good leader has their business taken care of so that they can help others. They are the figure that others can look to and is a determining factor in showing others what is right and wrong. A good leader may not always be the most popular or the loudest in a group but can lead not only verbally but through example,” Trusty said.

Trusty believes Cretel is definitely a great worker and shows amazing leadership.

“Isabella Cretel is a great violist in my Concert Orchestra this year. She is a hard worker and is an integral part to the future of this orchestra. Bella is a leader in Concert Orchestra. She is always prepared for class, takes care of business even when she’s absent, and keeps others on track,” Trusty said.

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