Photo courtesy of Blake Reagan. Photo by Nick Fry.
Photo courtesy of Blake Reagan. Photo by Nick Fry.

Blake Reagan Q&A

February 5, 2019

Q: What do you do with music?

A: I make the beats. I’m a producer.


Q: Could you walk me through your process as a producer?

A: In every rap song you hear the beat in the background. It’s the foundation of the song, that’s what I create using a few different programs that it’s taken me years to learn.


Q: How did you begin your journey in producing?

A: I just grew up a huge music fan. I knew Tupac lyrics before I could really even talk. When I grew up I decided I wanted to be a part of it, I wanted to create it. I was like 9 years old when I would take my mom’s computer and download music on it and then I started doing it with my friends and I just loved it and had an ear for it.


Q: Have you always been passionate about this?

A: Absolutely. Yes.


Q: Who would be your inspiration?

A: Phora, he’s a rapper. He was my first favorite artist I’ve listened to him since 2012. I’ve listened to him since he was just 17 and still living at home. It’s been amazing to listen to his growth throughout his career.


Q: Who are your biggest supporters and why?

A: Probably my friends because they find the fact that I do music interesting.


Q: What’s your favorite experience having to do with music?

A: Just being in an area where I can do what I love and make money off of it.


Q: How do you make money off of it?

A: It took me 6 years to learn how to make money off of it and I’ve been making money off of being a producer for 2 years now.


Q: Could you walk me through to process?

A: Whenever I finish a beat I put it on Youtube. When rappers are looking for beats for their songs, hopefully, they’ll like mine they’ll download it and my tracks are sold for $30 to $300.

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