Amy Peister

October 11, 2018

   Liberty North sophomore Amy Peister is not just a regular student at Liberty North.

   “I like documentaries about animals. I like hearing and learning about animals and their different behaviors,” sophomore Amy Peister said.

   Peister seems to love to be around animals and learn about them.

   “We hang out sometimes we like to talk, we talk about animals she really likes animals. She wants to be a vet when she gets older,” junior Amy Groove said.

  Peister appears to enjoy performing and making sure people are saying what is right.

   “I know she likes to sing; she is in choir. She also likes to read and she is in book club. She likes to correct people on grammar, she is very on top of people about using the right grammar,” Groove said.

   Peister is a person who is fascinated with the stories told between pages.

   “Book club is a lot of fun we have a lot of different conversations and we talk about books sometimes. We do joke sometimes and have a lot of laughs. We read any type of books there is not any assigned book, and we can read whatever books we want, but every once in a while there is a certain book if you want to read it. It depends on if you want to read the book or not. After reading the books we talk about them and how they were,” Peister said.

   Peister’s book-loving started thanks to someone close to her.

   “My great aunt got me to read the Maximum Ride series in 8th grade and I fell in love with it. but I don’t really have a favorite, all the books I read I fall in love with,” Peister said.

   Peister had to cope with losing someone close.

   “My grandma Beth who was like my best friend passed away when I was in 8th grade,” Peister said.

   Peister has gotten through her problems thanks to teachers who believe in her.

   “I enjoy Spanish it is kind of fun, also my teacher I really like her, and she wanted me to continue to do Spanish three,” Peister said.

   Peister has had some very interesting pets.

   “When I was young all my life I have had these Chinese Fighting Batas. When I was younger they would last only a day because we didn’t know what type of water to put them in but later on they started lasting longer,” Peister said.

   Peister is always pushing herself to do more and more.

   “In Girls Scouts the very first award you get as a troop is the bronze. Right now I am working on my gold award,” Peister said.

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