Working During a Pandemic – Behind the Scenes at Grocery Stores

Working During a Pandemic - Behind the Scenes at Grocery Stores

Hailey Wineland

With all the craziness going around, people are starting to go into crisis mode here in Liberty. As we all know, grocery stores are being sold out just in hours of being opened. We talked to a few Liberty North workers at our local Hyvee and Price Chopper about their experience during this pandemic.

Q: What is it like working at a grocery store during a Pandemic?

Seth Turner: It’s a little crazy but not too bad. It’s either really slow or really busy on some days.

Javier Meza: It’s been crazy but good. Like it was crazy lines after lines of people with over 200 dollars worth of food.

Noah Martell: It’s been really hard for us because our stock has been going down super quick.

Q: What are some precautions your work is taking to ensure safety for you?

Seth Turner: We take crazy precautions with wiping everything down. We now have plexiglass windows in the checkout lines so the coughs or anything doesn’t go everywhere. Also, every night we take out all the grocery carts and put then outside to have them cleaned.

Javier Meza: Their hours have changed from 8 to 8 and the customers can’t use personal bags now. During any downtime, we wipe now the counters and make sure everything is clean.

Noah Martell: The store’s hours have changed from 6-12 to now 8-8. They also close the deli eating area and put hand sanitizer where the sackers stand and at the register.

These workers come in every day and work so we can have food in our homes during this pandemic lockdown. With all the changes to our daily lives, having an anchor to normality-even one with an altered environment-helps maintain a sense of calm within the community.