The Tragedy of Snow Days

January 24, 2019

Missouri’s weather has had a drastic change in the last year from winters being bitterly cold to being half chilling to half icy. Most of the time, the freezing cold turns to snow. With the weather this winter, it has not been all beautiful snow and icy roads. Although the ice may still be included, nothing bad started until January of 2019. Not on Christmas or through the New Years celebrations, but after everyone went back to school and work.

“I love winter weather, but there was not really any until recently. It usually snows through Christmas and makes the holiday more enjoyable because of how pretty it is and how that is just the normal thing that should happen. We also kind of get the possible snow days out of the way since we are not in school at the time. Missouri’s weather can definitely be very weird when it comes to seasons,” junior Rimee Coy said.

These bad weather conditions cause some snow days for many schools and some workplaces. To students, snow days can be good and bad. It is a way to catch up on school work or the latest episode of the TV show, but to some people, they only look at the extra days we are going to be in school.

“Snow days are fun, but can also be stressful. If I have a lot of work for a class, it is nice to have so I can catch up, but with other classes, it just puts me a day behind. I also can not really focus on school days. I have the freedom of just being able to do what I want and not focus on the work that needs to get done, but that can get very frustrating at times when I know I need to get things done,” junior Emilie deKelijn said.

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