New Year, New Policies

August 28, 2019

Hats can now be worn, hall passes are required, and food delivery is banned. These are some of the new changes at Liberty North High School this year.

Our staff had the opportunity to visit with Dr. Kurth in a series of collegial conversations. That feedback formed the basis for our building vision, our admin strategic plan, and our changes in procedures for the 2019-2020 school year at LNHS. This is why we are allowing hats in hallways and leaving it at the teachers’ discretion to decide if hats are appropriate in their rooms,” Dr. Camp said.

Before the beginning of the school year, Dr. Kurth sat down with the Liberty North staff and started a discussion on what could be changed for the better, for both students and teachers. Hats, hall passes, and food delivery came up prominently.

“We’ve got a lot of positive feedback, both from teachers and students. People seemed generally happy at the start of the school year, they thought the launch went well, teachers feel valued, and students feel as if their voices have been heard as well,” Camp said.

One recurring theme during the discussion was the issue of students leaving the cafeteria during lunch and wandering the building.

“Students were eating lunch all over the place, there was no real regulation to the lunch shifts, and so we agreed that we would have a greater number of personnel in the cafeteria, and that food would take place in the cafeteria. Instead of grabbing lunch and eating in someone’s room or wherever in the building, lunch happens in the cafeteria,” Camp said.

The use of food delivery like GrubHub and Uber Eats was also debated by the faculty at the meeting. According to Camp, the administration has received minimal criticism, and want to do their best to let students understand why they made the changes they did.

“A lot of things that might’ve been construed as negative were real questions, you need to understand the ‘why’ so you can exempt the ‘what’ is happening. I think it was the folks who needed clarification on the ‘why’,” Camp said.

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