New teachers at LNHS

August 28, 2019

Being a new teacher could be hard on the teacher and the students. There are 29 new staff members at Liberty North High School. World History teacher Callie Farrell transitions from Leavenworth High school to Liberty North. 

“I was very sad at first, this was a big step for me and this is a good step further in my career. I was very close to all my classes very close to all my athletes. I was excited because it was a new chapter, new place, and I get to know new kids that are very different from what I’m used to,” Farrell said. 

Coming to anything new causes challenges. Teaching six hours a day for all five school days could be challenging and different to adapt to for teachers. 

“The biggest difference between my old school and this school is the structure. We had a modified block schedule. This means that on Monday, Tuesday, and Friday we had seven-hour days like what you guys have here. On Wednesdays and Thursdays we had blocked schedule so it is a very different structure,” Farrell said. 

There are also benefits and many things that staff members may like when they do something different. 

“I love the smaller class sizes. My class size here is under thirty with a lot of them ranging from like 24 or 25 kids on average. At my old school it was like anywhere from 33-35 kids on average and a smaller setting than what I have here,” Farrell said.

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