Behind the Scenes of KNET

Video by Cristina Pedrana

   Every day at the end of the fourth hour at Liberty North, a bell rings that doesn’t quite sound like the others. This bell indicates that it’s time for the broadcasting department to air their daily news show, KNET. During this time, they cover events taking place around the school, sports, and highlight certain students for their accomplishments.

   “My favorite thing to cover is anything that affects students and teachers because it’s usually something that people find interesting, and it’s interesting to see what everyone’s perspective on the topic is,” junior Bailey Redford said.

The students are free to choose what they do their videos over, with a little bit of guidance from the adviser, Jennifer Higgins. With all that goes on around the school and the community, they’ve got plenty to choose from.

   “I love to cover large creative events like the musical, there are so many opportunities for good broll shots and so many people who are genuinely enthused to be in the production. I like covering events where people are just as invested in their event as I am in the story,” senior Emma Reiser said.

   While the majority of the school joins together to enjoy the broadcast, only those involved truly know the hard work that is put into every show. With each show being shot live, there is little room for error.

   “The daily live shows bring a lot more difficulties than most people expect. We have technical difficulties we have to run with on the fly, we have cameras that go out daily or mics that cut out for no reason. Dealing with things on the fly, we have mistakes we cannot simply edit out or try again. It’s taught me to be calm and quick in difficult situations,” Reiser said.

Although difficult, the show being life has its perks. The students learn how to think quickly if something goes wrong because the issue needs to be resolved in a matter of seconds to keep the show running on schedule.

   “I think a big advantage [of the show being live] is that it’s like every other news broadcast, such as Kansas City news or Good Morning America, It makes us feel legit,” Redford said.

   The broadcast is put together in two different classes, sports media and advanced broadcast journalism news. Sports media is the class that puts the sports news clip of KNET together, while advanced broadcasting is where the rest of the show is put together.

   “Sports Media works with sports players and covering games while the KNET class takes the sports media students’ updates and puts it into their show,” Redford said.