2018 Midterm Election Results – Missouri

November 7, 2018

November 6, 2018, was Midterms. Missouri had a lot at stake, including seats in the House and Senate and several bills and amendments. Here’s a rundown of everything that was on the ballot, and the results of each.

Senate: Republican Josh Hawley and Democrat Claire McCaskill* were in the race for McCaskill’s Senate seat. Hawley beat McCaskill by 144,4355 votes, taking her seat. Missouri’s Senators are now Josh Hawley (Rep) and Roy Blunt (Rep). Blunt was not up for re-election.

House of Representatives:

  • In District 1, Democrat Lacy Clay* beat Republican Robert Vroman by 171,224. District 1 is a blue district.
  • In District 2, Republican Ann Wagner* beat Democrat Cort VanOstran by 15,522 votes, making District 2 red.
  • Republican Blaine Luetkemeyer* beat Democrat Katy Geppert by 104,522 votes in District 3, making it another red district.
  • District 4 is a red district with Republican Vicky Hartzler* winning the district by 91,384 votes, beating Democrat Renee Hoagenson.
  • In District 5, the only other blue district in the state, Democrat Emanuel Cleaver II beat Republican Jacob Turk by 72,897 votes.
  • District 6 is Republican Sam Graves* beat out Democrat Henry Martin and kept his seat with 102,065 votes.
  • Republican Billy Long* beat Democrat Jamie Schoolcraft by 107,230 votes in District 7.
  • District 8 will remain a red district, with Republican Jason Smith* beating Democrat Kathy Ellis with 125,783 votes.


  • Amendment 1 – Lobbying, redistricting procedures, campaign finances – PASSED
  • Amendment 2 – Legalize marijuana for medicinal purposes – PASSED
  • Amendment 3 – Legalize marijuana for medicinal purposes – FAILED
  • Amendment 4 – Changes requirement to manage bingo games and advertising at bingo games – PASSED


  • Proposition B – Increases the minimum wage to $12 – PASSED
  • Proposition C – Legalize marijuana for medicinal purposes – FAILED
  • Proposition D –  Increases gas tax, provides a tax exemption for Olympic prizes, and creates fund projects to improve roads and alleviate bottleneck traffic – FAILED


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