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Friday Night Madness Coming Up!

November 20, 2017

This Friday marks the eighth every Friday Night Madness, the sports marketing crew has been hard at work since fall sports ended preparing for basketball season and specifically Friday Night Madness. "This is going to be one...

Splashing Into a New Season

Splashing Into a New Season

November 16, 2017

The Freshman Basketball Team has Started Their Season

Jianna Duberry, Reporter

December 14, 2016

The freshman basketball team has started their season. For some of them, this is their first time being on a high school freshman team, and some were in fall sports. “I love playing on the basketball team because I like learning...

The Life of LNHS Wrestlers

Hillary Sandusky, Reporter

December 14, 2016

Wrestlers are more than popular guys beating each other up. It’s about the team and making you a better person. Also, wrestling is a huge mental sport because you have to judge what the opponent is going to do before he does i...


Catherine Hemenway, Eagle's Life Editor

March 11, 2016

On Thursday March 10, LNHS Basketball (@LNHSBasketball) Tweeted out to Liberty High School's women's basketball team saying, "Hey @LHSLadyJaysBB, want to have a get together Saturday? Say 1pm we come to you, 2:45 you come to us?...

Spotlight on Samantha Dillion

February 23, 2016

Often times the love of a sport will push someone to beyond their physical limitations. Junior Samantha Dillion injured her right shoulder several months ago when swimming during practice. Although the pain was often times unbearable,...

Courtwarming Recap

Kayl Auch, Reporter

February 17, 2016

The second 6:30p hit in the fieldhouse, the horn blew and the varsity girls had started with the tip-off. The girls came off aggressive and worked together to score 28 points in the first half against Staley. They were down 32-28 at...

Eagles Claim 100th Win

Eagles Claim 100th Win

January 22, 2016