Fantastic Four Expectations Leaves Viewers Questioning Marvel

  The popular “Marvel Studios” are most known for their action packed superhero movies. One of their most recent releases was the re-make of Fantastic Four, which is one of their oldest superhero teams. The producers decided to hit the theatres with a new and improved image.

  “I feel that the new cast does not compare to the original cast at all. It’s not that they are bad actors or actresses, but they just do not meet the expectations that were set. I feel they came out with this re-make too soon,” junior Ben Mattes said.

  Marvel in the past has had much success with the re-makes and series that they have produced. Films like the “Avengers” and “Spiderman” both received over a three star rating. The newly made Fantastic Four barely received a two.

  “I’ve heard that the new one is awful. The characters roles are unclear and the plot was nothing like the first. If this movie is completely changed from the original like I’ve heard, I have no desire to see it,” sophomore Mikaela Brown said.

  The negative reviews are not a good thing for any movie. Like any other subject or topic, news travels fast these days. People do not want to go purchase tickets and sit through an hour and forty-five minute movie when the overall tone being spoken about it is opposed.

  “I would not want to go see this movie in theatres. From what I have heard it will just be a waste of money and time. The old one will always be one of the greats with the original cast. I am just going to keep a positive image for this movie by avoiding the new one,” sophomore Maddie Elder said.

  The high expectations of such a triumphant movie producing franchise cuts deep when a film is looked upon negatively. Especially, when that company has such a shining reputation for impressing their audience. The producers could essentially be facing results that they do not approve of.

  “I think it definitely disappointed its fans because it was so bad. The next time Marvel comes out with a film, I will definitely think twice before watching it,” Mattes said.