5th Wave Surpass Expectations

     The “5th Wave” is a newly released science fiction movie that is based off of the best selling book. It takes place in the modern day United States and is about the aftermath of an alien invasion on Earth, which has killed billions. The film includes up and coming stars like Chloë Grace Moretz and Nick Robinson. I overall really enjoyed this movie. There was not a second that went by that my attention was not fully focused on the picture. A specific part that stood out to me was when Cassie Sullivan (Chloë Grace Moretz) gets shot in the leg during her journey to find her brother who she was separated from earlier in the plot. After her passing out, she wakes up in a random house who she later finds out is owned by a guy named Evan Walker (Alex Roe). They decide to join forces in the survival of their kind and on the search of Cassie’s sibling. Throughout the movie I felt that the storyline flows in a way that is easy for the audience to understand. Also the actors and actresses that were casted fit very well together. For instance, the scene between Cassie and Evan where they got into a conflict with people in the woods trying to kill them just shows how much chemistry they truly had. After Evan saved them, Cassie was quite hesitant in whether or not to trust him due to prior situations. Instead of killing him, she puts the gun down and leaves alone. Later on he saves the day and wins the girl back as well. I would suggest this movie to anyone who is interested in science and fictional things. Also for anyone who is looking for a little bit of romance too. However the only negative thing about the movie is that if younger kids are allowed to see it there is a bit of bad language. The “5th Wave” is defiantly one I would watch again. I am looking forward to the next two movies of the series.